Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven, Dawn Walcott Parris & Steve Woodman (eds.)

The Myth of Child Protection. An Equity Guide for Change



978 94 6371 332 0

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The Myth of Child Protection captures the harsh ironic reality of the harm that arises when well-intentioned systems are broken. This book serves as a guide for persons who want to create change for the better in the system.

It is an apology to all those children and youth whom the system has failed. At the same time, it is a pledge to do better by those still present and others yet to come. In those instances where intervention did more good than harm, it is a recognition of this good.

This journal of collective writing is geared towards jointly generating new knowledge that is fueled by the past, seeks to inform the present and shape the future. Included in this book are the critical voices of advocacy and allyship united in change. It is a unique collection of essays, guides and best practices that would normally stay in quiet quarters as documents circulating within agencies. Instead, it recognizes the good work already being done and the need to use these bodies of work as best practice because they come from within the organizations and in that sense the true experts.

This book is dedicated to all children and youth in the child welfare system.


Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven, PhD, is a sociologist, author and international Equity Professional and was attached to Durham Children’s Aid Society as Director Equity, Communications and Community Partnership. She is committed to addressing the deleterious effects of systemic oppression and improving the lives of persons living in difficult circumstances. She is a social justice advocate.

Dawn Walcott-Parris, MSW, was the Director of Services at Durham Children’s Aid Society. She led a team of Social Workers and has worked in the Child Welfare system in Canada for over twenty years. She champions the improvement of support systems to families, communities, children, and young persons.

Steve Woodman, CMA, is the Executive Director of Durham Children’s Aid Society and has had a leadership career in child welfare since 2001 after leaving as Vice President Finance and Support Services Toronto Grace Hospital. He is dedicated to listening to the community and clients he serves and to implementing anti-oppressive practice solutions that work. He is an inclusive leader and effective communicator.

With contributions of: Aneesa Atta, Amanda Baker-Colacicco, Caitlyn Collins, Uzma Danish, Gifty Dem, Stacey Fong, Raphael Francis, Faith Harding, Cheryl Jeffrey, Josh Lamers, Leah Mallinos, Tabitha Mercer, Dave Musgrave, César Ndéma-Moussa, Jodi Potts, Gabrielle Provencher, Jaihun Sahak, Rona Jualla van Oudenhoven, Dawn Walcott-Parris and Steve Woodman


ISBN: 9789463713320


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