Loes van Wessum & Ingrid Verheggen

Leading a learning school. Which questions have you asked today?




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Every day, school leaders have to balance different focal points and for attention begging priorities. How can school leaders develop a culture of learning and professional development in their schools? This book offers a sound body of practical experience and theoretical wisdom that helps to come to grips with the challenge to develop a school culture that focuses on collaboration, joint investigation and building a rich learning environment.

School leaders tend to answer the questions and to solve the problems of their teachers. However, this book shows that school leaders can create a learning culture not by providing answers, but by asking more questions. By not taking direct action but by taking a good look at the problem, teachers discover better solutions.

The authors provide a systematic approach to ask the right questions, which can help teachers to find answers for themselves and to learn. Hence the title of this book: Leading a learning school. Which questions have you asked today?

Loes van Wessum (PhD) is associate professor leadership in education at Windesheim, university of applied sciences in the Netherlands. She is an experienced teacher, manager, teacher educator, researcher, member of the supervisory board and consultant.

Ingrid Verheggen (MSc) worked in education as a teacher, school leader, coach, consultant and chairman of the board and currently works as coach/consultant and chairman of the supervisory board.

ISBN: 9789463711395


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Appendix 1_The analysis model
Appendix 2_Questionnaire school climate

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