Marie Bourguignon, Tom Hick, Sofie Royer & Ward Yperman (eds.)

Technology and Society: The Evolution of the Legal Landscape




978 94 6371 319 1

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This book approaches various challenges that recent technological developments pose for legal systems. Aiming to bridge the gap between different fields of law, but also between linguistic and national borders, it offers multilingual and intradisciplinary contributions reflecting on Technology and Society. As technology increasingly permeates our daily lives, reflecting on the impact it has on society and therefore also on the law, becomes ever more pressing.

The present book is the outcome of the 9th Assistentenconferentie/Conférence des assistants (ACCA) held in September 2020 in Leuven, Belgium.

Marie Bourguignon is a doctoral researcher at the Centre for Public Law (KU Leuven). Her research focuses on access to law and more specifically on the translating role of judicial actors. She is also a teaching assistant at the Leuven Institute for Human Rights.

Tom Hick is full-time doctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the Institute for the Law of Obligations (KU Leuven). His research focuses on pre-contractual liability for the breaking off of contract negotiations, but also more widely on general contract law theory.

Sofie Royer is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for IT and IP Law (KU Leuven). Her research activities focus on cybercrime, cybersecurity and the digitisation of criminal investigations. She is also a member of the editorial board of the Belgian/Dutch journal on computer law Computerrecht and of the Belgian journal on criminal law Tijdschrift voor Strafrecht.

Ward Yperman is full-time doctoral researcher and teaching assistant at the Institute for Criminal Law (KU Leuven). His research focuses on the prevention of terrorism through restrictions to the right to liberty. He is also a member of the supervisory commission of Leuven Centraal prison.

With contributions of: Alyson Berrendorf, Sven Bollens, Marie Bourguignon, Kwinten Dewaele, Michiel Fierens, Maximilian Gartner, Maarten Herbosch, Tom Hick, Niel Laenen, Thomas Marquenie, Anne Oloo, dr. Sofie Royer, Nele Stroobants, Jop Van der Auwera and Ward Yperman

GPRC (Guaranteed Peer Reviewed Content)

ISBN: 9789463713191


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