Tristan Krap

Cremains, what remains. Heat induced changes of bio-physical properties of human bone



978 94 6371 375 7

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Salvaging burned human remains can be a challenging task for the forensic specialists and interpreting evidence from thermally altered skeletal elements can be difficult. Based on the findings of latest research, more is possible than was previously known. In this publication, novel ways of finding and analyzing burned human remains are presented to the field of, specifically, forensic anthropology.

The reader is introduced to new methods; to collect and differentiate cremated bone from construction debris from a fire scene, and estimate the exposure temperature that bones have been exposed to. All an important part of the forensic investigation. Further, this book provides the reader with new knowledge on heat induced bio-physical changes and characteristics that aids the interpretation of skeletal damage that occurred before, during or after the fire.

Importantly, new methods for forensic practice should comply to legal standards. The value of the presented methods for practice in both the field and the courtroom is thoroughly discussed to inform both the forensic practitioner as well as the legal experts.

Graduated in physical anthropology, at Leiden University, Tristan Krap combined his study with forensic science in Amsterdam. In addition to drawing up a biological profile based on skeletal remains, he specialized in the analysis of burned and decomposing human remains.

ISBN: 9789463713757


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