Andre Vyt

The Interprofessional Practice & Education Quality Scales (IPEQS)


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Since more than thirty years, the World Health Organisation calls for effective interprofessional collaborative practice in health care. Around the world regional networks have been established to meet this requirement. If we want to assess, promote, and improve the quality of interprofessional collaboration in clinical practice and the quality of interprofessional teaching and learning in study programs of health care but also in continuous professional development, there is need for agreement on competences and specific skills that should be acquired. Also, organisational conditions and processes need to be taken into account. Finally, we need to consider team characteristics and specific contexts that may facilitate or inhibit collaboration.

The Interprofessional Practice & Education Quality Scales – IPEQS can be used to assess the functioning in team, the quality of the organisation, and the individual functioning. The scales have been used in recent studies to identify team types in residential care, to assess the impact of interprofessional support/intervention in acute settings, and to evaluate the quality of team consultation meetings in primary health care. This book describes the different components of the scales, its use in clinical as well as educational contexts, and the way it can be used on the PROSE Online Digital System – PODS. It provides opportunities for benchmarking. The book also focuses on the right conditions of quality management for an effective use of the tool.

Prof. dr. Andre Vyt is associate professor at the University of Ghent, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, and Artevelde University College, Health Care and Teacher Education. He is a pioneer in interprofessional education and (since 2014) chairs the European Interprofessional Practice & Education Network – EIPEN. As a psychologist he studies and teaches human behavioural change and collaboration in health care, but also has built up expertise in educational management and innovation. He has developed tools for quality management and competence assessment in education and health care. Andre Vyt is a frequently solicited expert, auditor, trainer and invited presenter. Since 2014 he works as an independent expert in the AQARTO Agency for Quality Assurance Assistance, Auditing & Assessment, and delivers consultancy services to European organisations and also the European Commission.

ISBN: 9789463711012


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